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We find things about your competitive position that you could never find out for yourself

We deliver objective, well-informed competitive analysis and insights

Competitive Intelligence Skills

We offer a unique combination of B2B technology industry experience and competitive intelligence expertise

Cloud Technologists

We deliver not only hard to find information, and compelling insights, but as B2B technologists we are able to help clients apply these outputs to their business problems and decisions

Problem Solvers

Our high-tech experience lets us advise you on how to leverage competitor insights to improve business performance

Tactical Engagements - On Demand Competitive Intelligence

We know how to meet deadlines; a new product, executive keynote, marketing campaign, strategic planning, or ?

Technique, Industry Experience, Unbiased

Successful competitive intelligence practices depend on combining the analysts judgement with good research and analytics techniques supported by data to avoid ‘punditry’.

If the analyst is insufficiently objective, without deep industry experience, or fails to explain the rationale or significance of a competitor’s strategy to the business model, much of the insights can be misleading. We don’t have a ‘B’ team, so common with outsourced service providers.

  • B2B Technology Industry Competitive Intelligence 75% 75%
  • Big Data Science 25% 25%
  • B2B Product Management & Product Marketing 70% 70%
  • Marketing and Sales 30% 30%
  • Customer Happiness 99% 99%

Our typical client engagement establishes a situation specific division of labor, designed to strengthen or outsource your competitive analysis capabilities.

We produce the research, and clients jointly interpret the implications of the analysis in a live or online workshop designed to ensure that the competitive intelligence research, data, and insights are vetted internally and fine-tuned if needed.

Early in our engagement. we establish a systematic and sustainable approach to ensure continuity even if you decide to go solo eventually. In this way, competitor knowledge and understanding will be consistent across your organization to ensure analysis and insights are not partial or become quickly out-of-date.

Outsourcing all or partial of competitive intelligence need not mean losing control and ownership.

Richard Yim

Richard Yim

Managing Consultant

Accomplished high tech marketing and product management executive with history of successful new product and platform introductions. He’s researched, built, launched, and won enterprise software’s biggest products often against the stiffest and smartest global competition.

He led global consulting and services teams for business units with annual revenues in excess of $450 Million, and software products that grew to $800 Million, beating the toughest competition.

Founder and chief actionable-competitive-intelligence analyst who really enjoys working with clients. His academic background in decision sciences, and deep practical experience in predictive analytics and data science helps Sweet Spot Martech solve the most challenging competitive problems.

experience details

25+ years enterprise product management & marketing

VP Products/GM, IGT
VP Solutions Management, Ariba
VP Products & Marketing, SmartTurn
VP Solution Marketing SAP
Sr. Director Product Management, Oracle
Group Product Manager, Symantec

Real-world competitive intelligence experience and wins

IGT: 1st / #1 cloud casino management & analytics
Ariba: 1st / #1 SaaS procurement management
SmartTurn: 1st / #1 SaaS warehouse management
SAP: 1st SOA/business process platform
Oracle: 1st / #1 database for open source/Linux
Symantec: 1st / #1 enterprise antivirus software

Leadership: white-board to board-room

GM Oracle Siemens Business Unit
GM Americas, Hutchison Whampoa
GM IGT Systems Division
Startup funding: A Series, Seed-rounds ($1 – $5Mil, to $86 Mil)
Board Member, SABA
Board Member, SVForum
Overseas postings to Germany & China

Hire an Elite, On-demand CI Team

when short-term, specialized skills are required, we bring in the best freelancers from Silicon Valley and top universities

Our skills - Quality, Integrity, Proven

B2B Enterprise software
Product Management
Strategic/Tactical Marketing
Sales and Services leadership
US, EMEA, Asia work experience
Cloud, SaaS/Paas, Hybrid
Big data science

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